Forestry and Commercial Timber Cork Ireland

We have been involved in forestry for over 20 years with a total of over 360 acres planted with three different maturity stages. Our thinnings are now in progress and open for commercial timber. Were also a member of the Irish Timber Growers Association. The plantation contains mainly Norway spruce and some Lodge pole pine.

Forestry Thinnings

Thinnings from a forest has many uses such as commercial timber, logs and timber blocks. Most of our harvest is used for commercial timber while rest is then used for logs and timber blocks, which we wholesale and sell to the public in the Cork Docklands on Centre Park Road.

Logs for Sale

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Can be sold in small amounts for pickup or for delivery only from truck returning from harvest


Timber Blocks for Sale

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Sold in small bags for 4 euro and large bags for 125 euro (aprox tonne)


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